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From the Desk of Fr. Thomas - February Newsletter

Dear Faithful,

Our Lady of Pompeii Church becomes a construction site as we enter Phase II. As discussed in January’s update, this step in the restoration process seals the church to prohibit any new water intrusion and will reverse the weather damage incurred over the last century.

This month, the brave men of Auld and White Constructors (AWC) used the boom lift to ascend 40 feet in the air, removing the slate from the church spires. AWC has informed me they were able to save 95% of the original shingles, meaning we will preserve much of the beauty and strength of the historic roof. Repair work has now begun on the taller bell tower, which has been tarped for over three years. Scaffolding surrounds the exterior as custom stones are being cast to fortify the structure. Florida is known for being both wet and windy, and this much needed care will ensure the towers will continue to be a beacon of hope for generations to come.

Much headway was made in February, and the work to seal and secure the church is estimated to conclude April 16, soon after Easter. As we enter Passiontide, please take an opportunity to offer up some of your Lenten penances for the success of Pompeii Rising.

I look forward to giving you another update at the end of Holy Week.
(Top) The original slate shingles were safely removed from the North Spire and will be salvaged with refreshed wood. (Bottom) Scaffolding is set up to allow restoration of the South Belltower.

God Bless You,

Fr. David Thomas

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